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Hi, I am Amy Brown. I own a company called BookPrint where I work closely with authors and independent publishers everyday. It is exhilarating helping authors see their dreams manifest as a physical book – but, depressing watching them struggle to sell their books online. Often they’ve built a website on a free platform that is ugly and doesn’t communicate the quality of their books, let alone result in google rankings, sales or media exposure.

That is problem 1

Free sites are ugly, and beautiful ecommerce sites are expensive.

Then if you are getting sales – congratulations! You won, a trip down to the post office. If you happen to be celebrating success in Fiji, eesh… hopefully your buyers don’t mind a two week wait.

That is problem 2

You don’t want to waste your time, packing and posting books.

AuthorSites solves both those problems for some people. It is built at a service level to cater for authors who are selling or aiming to sell 30 or more books per month.

The ugly and expensive problem 1 is solved by purchasing a $1,490 website from us. It is built and hosted in our online ecosystem. This means we can create and launch your website within four working days! Guaranteed – or it is free.

Wait. A full ecommerce website for $1,490 don’t these normally cost $3,500 or more?

Yes. Our websites are built on a template that we created for authors, this means it includes everything you need. Contact Page, Media Kit Page, Blog, ecommerce with 1-click checkouts, Homepages. It is a full WordPress website, using woo-commerce for the store, and Stripe for payment processing. This is a  best in class solution. It is how Timmy (founder of BookPrint and AuthorSites) wanted to build his website, in fact his website is built exactly the same way.

Well, whaddya know. The painful posting problem is also solved by paying us money 😉 To enrol in our ‘handsfree’ programme and host your website there is a monthly cost of $40.

Hmm, what do I get for $40 a month?

Everything. Well not everything. But everything, you need to sell books. We will store 1/2 a pallet of books. Whenever you get an order we will process the payment, pack your book in a cardboard book mailer, label it, courier it, then deposit your money directly into your bank account!

Is AuthorSites for you?

  • Would you like to have a beautiful website representing you, your name and your book?
  • Are you planning on selling more than 30 books per month ($900 worth of books)?
  • Would you like a modern WordPress website, with updates, server performance and everything technical taken care of?
  • Is it your dream to be able to write, and promote and never have to pack a book and send it?

If so. You and I. We need to chat.

Send me a message right now and lets get your domain name purchased:

If you didn’t answer yes to everyone of those questions, you are probably not quite ready for AuthorSites. Why not download our 12-step guide to getting your first book selling.

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