Hi, I'm Timmy Brown.

I work with independent publishers everyday.

I own BookPrint in which I work closely with authors designing their books, and printing them in New Zealand and in Asia.

But, it is sad to see them struggle to sell their books once they have these beautiful books printed. As soon as you print your book you have two options.

Option one sell them at a huge wholesale discount to book stores - which gives you some money and some exposure but is a difficult path.

Option two sell them directly to their audience. Option two will bring in much more money. BUT. Is a lot of work, and difficult.

It has been extremely difficult to build a professional looking website, difficult to pack books nicely and safely for couriering, expensive to courier them around the country, and very very annoying to go to the post office all the time.

Why Authorsites is your best option?

It’s a whole “Business in a box” service

You can write a book and build your audience. We will handle the business part.

We will store your books and build you an online shop for New Zealand sales.

We will process every single online order you get, from picking-packing to courier.

You get to keep all of the money, not a royalty, not a percentage, everything.

You will keep a full record over all your customers data in order to establish longer and more profitable relationships with them.

Who is Author Sites for ?

Are you an author who prefers to write than fix website hosting or shipping out books ?

Will you sell over 100 books per year ?

Do you want to go on holiday without worrying about who will process your website orders ?

If you are answering yes to the above questions, AuthorSites should be getting you excited!


You choose a template for your website

We create your own Amazon Page

We manage your whole website.

We process and manage your orders

Templated AuthorSites Website Design. $1,399. We create you a full website designed on the AuthorSites template.

This has an online shop for NZ sales, and optional links to your Amazon page for international sales.

Built using best of class cloud technology: WordPress, WooCommerce, Amazon Web Server.

Check out our sample sites to see what they look like: www.timmybrown.co.nz (I just use the template because I am thrifty – and didn’t need a custom website)

Custom Website. $3,499. This is a custom website so the cost may vary according to your specifications.

Amazon Author Page. $189.

We will create you an Amazon Author Page, upload your print book to CreateSpace and Amazon so it is available world wide.

You are welcome to do this yourself but we are also happy to do it on your behalf. For all Amazon orders there are no costs from AuthorSites, just standard Amazon/CreateSpace costs.

This is just a one-off charge and then Amazon will communicate directly with you.

  • – You will have storage of up to 100 books (additional storage is available)
  • – Hosting your website, on Amazon Web Server
  • – Hosting of your domain email address and access to it through Google Apps for Business (for example hello@timmybrown.co.nz)
  • – Annual registration of your domain name
  • – Security updates on your website
  • – Daily backups of your website
  • – Managing all e-commerce orders
  • – For orders direct from your website, there is a $3.50 picking/packaging cost.
  • – Flat shipping rate cost of $3.90 for 6×9″ books, and $5.20 of A4 books.

For example if your 6×9″ book sells for $30, you will receive into your account $22.60 for every sale ($30 – $3.50 – $3.90 = $22.60.

This $22.60 will need to cover the cost of printing, other costs and paying yourself.

So how much will you earn!

Thanks for asking. Here at AuthorSites we love math.

Example. You sell a 250 page softcover book for $30. You sell 200 every year. At BookPrint it would cost you $10.50 incl GST to print them 100 at a time. Total cost for printing $2,100 incl GST. Monthly costs for managing your business, $480 over the year. And 200 sales will cost $1,480 to pick, pack and courier them out.

That means every year without doing anything at all, you make $1,922 profit.

What if you sell 1000 every year. Well then you would make $11,530. Eleven thousand dollars!

What if you only sell 80 books. You make $480.80 profit. Still doing nothing yourself during that year.

So if you think you could sell at least 80 books a year. Send me an email, timmy@authorsites.co.nz or pick up the phone and give me a call 09 972 3020 and let me help you get your business running. By that I mean we will run your business while you write, see your family, travel. Well you can do whatever you want. Volunteering, pokies, running, snow boarding.

So if you want to sell books online without the hassle, get in touch today.


Timmy Brown, is the founder of two businesses. AuthorSites, and BookPrint where he is the senior designer. Check out his personal site for helpful design articles, and to see his book “Professional Typesetting for Amateurs”.



BookPrint is a specialist book printing company based in Auckland, we print short runs in-house, and organise large runs through three different printers in Asia.